Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Weird Glitches, Mysterious Hiccups and Bizarre Messages: What's Going On in Your PCs "Control Tower"?

Imagine an air traffic controller trying to be efficient with inaccurate data. Because airport reliability is utterly dependent upon tightly synchronized information, even small errors could quickly ignite a chain of arrival and departure delays, wrong gate assignments, and schedule-stopping airport security alarms. It wouldn't take long for that airport to become a nightmare of unreliability.

Your PC has the equivalent of an air traffic controller system that relies on a set of data to keep things running. But when undetected errors pop up and mislead operations, your PC can exhibit frustrating slowdowns, unfounded alarms and irritating behavior.

The airport inside your PC

Similar to an air control tower, modern PCs depend upon a central Windows communication system that allows software and hardware to exchange critical information before making decisions. This central communications system is called Windows Management Instrumentation [WMI] and it's a massive framework within Windows that is critical to your PCs ability to run smoothly. It's also a basic point of trust for many system components and third-party applications so they can fly smoothly.

iolo Labs observed that some apparently healthy computers exhibited strange, inexplicable behavior such as false error messages like "not enough memory for operation" when there was plenty of memory available, or mysterious hardware disconnection requiring a reboot, or odd software conflicts that caused stalls and crashes that hadn't occurred before. Yet standard performance scans came back with normal results.

After extensive tests and diagnostics, iolo Labs made a breakthrough discovery. The source of these mysterious problems had a common root: random corruption lurking deep within the Windows core data system itself. Because of the WMI's complexity, errors can run deep and cause many different types of corruption from things such as installs, upgrades, downloads, deletions and malware attacks that target the WMI in an attempt to corrupt the effectiveness of security software.

Once the issue was clear, iolo engineering set about creating a safe and effective way to identify and correct this corruption with typical iolo style: easy and automatic. This solution became one of the exciting key technologies released in System Mechanic 12.

Meet the advanced reliability breakthrough your internal PC "control tower" 
has been waiting for.

System Mechanic's exclusive Core Data Recalibrator is something completely new to the PC optimization scene: a landmark technology that can automatically detect and accurately repair WMI system errors on the fly, keeping the operating system and all your software, apps, and connected devices working in unison so they never miss a beat and your PC is always ready for action.

Because Core Data Recalibrator repairs the root of a problem that pops up into a near infinite variety of frustrating symptoms, benefits can vary from user to user. But Core Data Recalibrator can improve the entire Windows experience from start up to shut down.

Now you can significantly reduce or eliminate:

    Application errors

    Security issues that just seem to pop up

    False alarms that send you scrambling

    System slows during heavy traffic use

    Post application install issues

    Unpredictable "busy pointers" that make you wait

    Before Core Data Recalibrator, the only way to try and address WMI issues was with a "hammer", that is, uninstall/reinstall or reset and reboot to hopefully clear errors without further messing things up. But a typical PC can accumulate hundreds of errors in a few busy hours. No one could realistically keep up with every error, until now.

Core Data Recalibrator is another example of iolo's commitment to develop dynamic and intelligent performance solutions that run without need of user intervention. Now everyone can effortlessly improve the reliability of their PC and experience the optimum PC experience they've always expected.

iolo System Mechanic® - Fix, Speed Up Your PC

Thursday, August 22, 2013

What are Leads?

What are Leads? ....Sounds like a stupid question to those familiar with internet marketing, but for beginners it can sound very confusing.

Leads are simply potential customers, very important to anyone with a business, especially on the internet.

There are complete business operations on the internet only engaged in finding "leads" for other internet marketers (affiliates, for.example)who are on the lookout for potential customers.

You need to be aware of some companies in this branch,especially when testing "free sites"
Remember, you are actually paying for FREE services in some way.

One of  the most common "prices" you pay is that you might become a so-called "lead". (remember a lead is a potential customer)

You have probably seen lead generation sites that promise an x-number of leads for free.

The Leads are often people that have signed-up for something FREE, like an e-book. This is not a bad practice, it is just a way to find people to sell products or services to.

You have the option to unsubscribe from a list.

What you need to know is that unsubscribing can cause "unwanted" mail from other people or companies.
When you are no longer a customer to the lead generation site you signed up with, the email addresses are not their responsibility any more.

REMEMBER: If you receive lots of spam mail from people you don´t know, it is very likely they have purchased "leads".

The good news is, you can always register a new email adress!

My tip is to keep a separate email addresses for sign-ups you are uncertain about.

Don't worry, just stay aware of what can happen.

 I prefer to test some offers first, especially if I am not sure that the offers are as" juicy" as they seem!

Paying for something that does not fill your needs, just because it was a so-called "one time offer" can be costly in the long run! There are many websites offering a test period at a minimal cost or for free. You can take advantage of this as it gives you a better chance to find a program that really suits you.

 It is good housekeeping to keep a note of the date the test period starts/closes and when/if your credit
card will be charged again. This gives you a chance to claim your "Guaranteed Money back offer"if the purchase did not live up to your expectations or you simply change your mind.

The company that offered the trial period is quick to debet you for a purchase or membership.

Keep one step ahead and you will be safer.

 It's very easy to forget dates and payment details without a proper system to keep track of your actions. Note any cost, the dates the trial period starts/stops, when your next payment is due, payment details, guarantee etc.

To Your Success
Coralie PB

You might like to try this website out for advertising.

I have been a member of AdlandPro for many years.  It is an excellent Community offering great
advertising possibilities.

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Congratulations To Starting Your Affiliate Business!

You have aquired your affiliate website, which needs to be advertised as you want to earn an income from it.

Remember that standard affiliate websites supplied by the affiliate company are duplicated. The only difference between you and other affiliates in the program is your user name and ID number. The result  is that all affiliate websites for this product  look exactly alike.

Affiliates should regularly create advertising opportunities to stay ahead of heavy competition.

Firstly you need to understand that advertising is time consuming and needs regular attention to keep up to date. Cost is another factor that you need to monitor regularly.

If you have a facebook, twitter or google account you can probably place your affiliate link on your social media space.

If so, why not  put some text instead of the standard affiliate link like "Buy widgets at 10% discount here" (turn  the text into a link by highlighting it and right clicking on the link symbol. This will bring up an instruction and give you the opportunity to test the link so it brings up your personal affiliate website.

Because social media gets so much attention, it is easy to  forget about "good old fashion" advertising. This type of advertising is still an excellent way to advertise an affiliate website.

One thing is certain, people looking through advertisements are actually looking for specific products and services. There is a big difference between people just browsing the web and real potential buyers.

Why? because these people are searching ads for certain products or services.They are what is known as "hot prospects"  far more likely to buy than people just browsing the web.

Click on the banner to get access to cheap advertising that works and also learn more about Classified Ads and how these work.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Safe, Simple and Successful Web Hosting for Beginners

If you are looking for a good and easy to use hosting  company, I think one of the best and easiest to use is Hostgator.

Hosting can be difficult to understand for many reasons.

Although much of the actual criteria is looked after by the hosting company, you still have to fill in your website information in the right places to get everything working perfectly on your live website.

The cheapest/or more expensive hosting companies are not always the ones that work best, there is a big difference in how they handle webhosting.

Read my post "Tips for finding a reliable hosting provider"  How to find good webhosting  that suits your needs.

Here is one to test.

Tips for Finding a Reliable Web Hosting Provider

High quality web hosting is an extremely important issue now that the time has come to put your website live on the web.

Take this action seriously, do research and choose a web hosting company that has had a good reputation over a longer period of time.

Here are some critical points to look at:

1. What type of operating systems does the host provider support?

2. Has the host provider a record of reliability?

Good hosting providers should offer availability rates at 98/ 99 percent. Remember this sounds great, but does the host really honor availability promised?

3. Security is a major concern. You need to look for information about firewalls, daily backups, password protection and user authentication.

It will certainly be useful if your host provider sends notifications when changes to your account and/or web pages are made, this gives you a reminder to check if any suspicious actions have taken place to your website.

It is better to look for references from people that already use the hosting provider than solely relying on the host provider web page information.

Good customer support should include freedom for you the customer that is why you must review the host provider policies to ensure you have a properly defined money-back guarantee.

Why? because you might not be satisfied with the service and need to leave the host provider.

After scrutinizing a number of hosting companies, you will only have a few possible host providers left. These need more scrutinizing so search for reviews about these providers. (you can do this on the web, but I would recommend using at least 3 different search engines to get varied results.

The main objective is to get the best viewpoints. Therefore, these reviews should be by people using the web hosting company..

The testimonials on the hosting provider websites should not be taken into account at this stage.

These independent reviews should help you to quickly get a feel of how these remaining hosting providers treat their customers and help you find a host with criteria suiting your needs.

 Good Luck and all the best with your website building!

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